Mitch Brooks is an unproven rookie prosecutor whose star is on the rise. His unyielding ambition to prosecute the biggest cases lands him the trial of a remorseless killer who murdered a store clerk during a robbery and a police officer who tried to stop his escape.  

     Mitch must overcome his own inexperience and the skill of the preeminent defense attorney in the city of Indianapolis to see that justice is delivered for two grieving families. 

Mitch relies on the sage advice of a veteran prosecutor who takes him under his wing, the gritty homicide detective who tracked down the killer, and his single-minded determination for justice as he prepares for the trial that can make or break his fledgling career. 

     With relentless preparation, he faces the ultimate test of his ability, all the while falling in love with a beautiful woman when love is the last thing on his mind.

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     Joe Beckett is just a regular guy.  He lives and works in a small town in southern Florida to support a wife who doesn’t love him and a daughter he adores—both the result of a drunken high school party six years earlier.

     Determined to make the most of his marriage for the sake of his daughter, Joe comes home early one day to surprise his wife with a gift and a dinner reservation, only to find her being brutally raped in their bedroom—or so he thought.  Joe fights off the attacker with a baseball bat but inadvertently kills the man in the process.  The man, it turns out, was not raping his wife, but was her longtime lover and the nephew of the sheriff—a man whose reign of corruption and power in the county is without bounds.

     When his wife lies about the attack, claiming Joe killed the man in a jealous rage, the sheriff has all he needs to arrest Joe for murder and the fix is in.  With the sheriff directing matters with the judge and jury, Joe is convicted of murder and sent to prison for twenty years.

     While in prison, Joe works tirelessly to prove his innocence and to expose the corrupt sheriff.  He engages the help of a beautiful attorney at the Center on Wrongful Convictions who helps him with his appeal and thaws his heart.  He eventually gets a letter from his daughter who tells him that her mom has a new boyfriend who it seems is developing more than a passing interest in the young girl.

     When Joe stumbles upon the planned execution of a prison gang leader at the hands of a rival gang, he intervenes in the attack, fends off the attackers, and saves the man’s life.  Swearing a debt of honor to Joe, the two men form an unlikely alliance and the man helps Joe plan and execute his escape from prison to rescue his daughter from his former wife.  Against almost impossible odds, Joe Beckett strives to find the justice that has for so long eluded him.

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